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Andy Su, Bodyworker

 Andy Su, is a strong advocate for individuals taking an active role in their own recovery journey. His aim is to develop a treatment plan that involves working together to help you return to your normal self, whatever that means for you. Although massage therapy is often overlooked, it is a highly effective method to assist in healing and rehabilitating traumatic or repetitive strain injuries. His goal is to assist you in your recovery and ideally reach a point where you no longer need to return for further treatment.
He prefers to start with a thorough assessment to ensure we address the correct issue from the very first treatment. He believes in getting you actively involved in the process, as massage therapy aids the body’s natural healing in a way that is both comfortable and practical for you.

He used to spend a lot of time playing various musical instruments, including drums, guitar, bass, piano, and clarinet. Nowadays, he livestreams himself playing video games in his spare time. He enjoys applying the problem-solving skills he's developed from gaming to his treatment plans, ensuring each session is effective and helps achieve your health goals.He hopes that you can work together to get you on a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and gets you back to your normal, whatever that may be.

Education & Training:

  • Vancouver Career College -Graduate July 2024


  • $75 for 60 min treatment

Treatment & Techniques

  • Deep Tissue

  • Neck/Shoulder/Back area

  • Trigger point release

  • Swedish Massage

  • Soft tissue Mobilization

  • Muscle energy technique

  • Headache

  • Joint mobilization

  • Myofascial Release

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Active and Passive Stretching and Strengthening

  • Tapotement

*It is beneficial to work with a non-registered provider if you either don't have extended health benefits or have run out of benefits for the year, then getting a massage at a reduced rate might be a great choice for you.*

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