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Our Story

Suzie Morrison, RMT and clinic owner of New Heights Massage Therapy is excited and proud to have opened the clinic on May 1st, 2023! The open house in April was a huge success with over 100 people in attendance. One of her patients even won the grand raffle draw prize of 2 tickets to see Shania Twain!

Having graduated in 2009 with a business degree and moved to Vancouver from the Okanagan. Suzie was excited to dive into her career in the banking world. But she ended up in very different employment positions, everything from reception work to selling wholesale diamonds before she found her home at Electra Health for the last +9 years. 

At Electra, she was giving me the space to grow and flourish and wear many different hats to become a well-rounded employee, therapist, mentor and now clinic owner! She will miss her Electra Health family but knows that they will always stay close and continue to network and support each other in the years to come!


New Heights Massage will be not only a great place to receive quality massage therapy but also an opportunity for RMTs to grow and manage their own thriving practices with the support and mentorship from Suzie herself.



Our location is 4341 Hastings Street, Burnaby and we are open 7 days a week from 8am-8pm- however the clinic is by appointment only, there is no receptionist onsight to make bookings or to greet you, therapists set their own hours. So don't be alarmed if the doors are locked during business hours- we will make sure to unlock them for you prior to your treatment!


There are free 1-hour and 2-hour parking spots, the 2-hour parking spots are located behind the Shopper's Drug Mart and JJ Beans, as well as the TD Bank across the street. Please be mindful of parking restrictions between 3pm-6pm across the street, we wouldn't want you to get towed!

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