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Andy Ma, RMT


Andy is a graduate of WCCMT. With an extensive background working with diverse clients, he has honed his skills to create personalized massage experiences. Recognizing that every individual’s healing journey is different, Andy takes a thoughtful and customized approach to each treatment. Drawing from a wide range of techniques, including active methods and deep tissue work, he ensures that your specific needs and goals are met with precision and care. Andy’s commitment to your well-being extends beyond the massage table. He firmly believes in a holistic approach to healing, integrating hydrotherapy and exercise to enhance the overall outcome and support your long-term wellness. During his free time, Andy loves to get outside and explore BC trails with his dog, Koopie. He also has a passion for travel and embracing new cultures and cuisines.


Andy is proficient in English and Cantonese.

Education & Training

  • West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) - Graduated April, 2023


  • $130 +GST for 60 min treatment

Techniques & Treatments

  • Swedish Massage Techniques

  • Myofascial Release & Unwinding

  • Sports Massage

  • Passive and Active stretching and strengthening

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Exercise programs/remedial exercises

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

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